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Time For T live in Cantera Dom.21 Feb (tropical psych)

Comprised of smooth eclecticism, TIME FOR T have risen from the creative centrifuge that is the southern UK city of Brighton via Portugal, Switzerland and all corners of England. Their unique breed of sound travels through a rhythm of afrobeat, indie, folk and rock & roll to create waves that grow with torrential intensity. Once locked in from the climbing beat, the lyrics and their deliverance by frontman Tiago Saga transport the listener through stories and experiences with photographic vividness.

"A real summer haze"
- BBC Radio 1

"I’m experiencing the comparable fiery magic that good music can have when it takes hold of your body and soul."
- Earmilk

"The band don’t take themselves too seriously, even if their music oozes sophistication."
- Artrocker

"The Brighton group keep things direct, with their folk-drenched songs harking back to late 60s types such as Blind Faith or The Band."
- Clash

"Brighton’s psychedelic troupe, Time For T."
- Wonderland Magazine

"A non-manic flavor of psychedelia, the colorful, jaunty sort that feels confident enough to swagger and playful enough to grin. The majority of their tracks contain 'world music”' vibes, which completely makes sense considering the members are from all edges of Europe. Morrison-sexy meets The Kooks frisky meets The Rolling Stones personality. "
-The WIld Honey Pie

"On this night, the Bay Area crowd was treated to the psychedelic, folky charm of Tiago Saga, front man of British band Time for T. The crowd’s eyes never wavered, even as he tuned the guitar mid-set and disclosed his affinity for tacos in between songs."
- San Francisco Chronicle



Start 7 P.m
Entry Free




La Cantera

Luogo e Indirizzo

Piazza Guidazzi, 5
La Cantera

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