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Tardigrada - Dmitry Distant / Riccardo Michetti Supernova Rimini

Da Domenica 05 Marzo 2017 • Ore 18:00 a Lunedì 06 Marzo 2017 • Ore 02:00

Dmitry Distant (live)
Originally russian born musician, who has devoted himself to mystic sides of electronic music and exploration of subtle worlds.
On account of his collaboration with many European colleagues including Jauzas The Shining, Molecule, Obergman, The Exaltics, Monolith, Eleven Pond and many others.
In 2014, his EP "Closer Than Tears" (Bass Agenda Recordings) was supported not once by Dave Clark in his radio show White Noise, and year-end release was added into TOP 10 Electro for 2014.

2016 promises to be dense in terms of releases to be issued on labels like In The Dark Again, Crimes of the future, Electronic Emergencies, Bordello A Parigi and others.
Most recently he released his new release on Bass Agenda Recordings, which hit the charts mixes and Dave Clarke, Reka, Marcel Dettmann, Drumcell, The Advent, The Black Dog, Posthuman.
Print version of UK magazine MIXMAG marked this releases as album of the month!


On September 5 2016 has been released mini album "Lucifer & Lust" on a Holland based label Electronic Emergencies
In this release Dmitry Distant, showcasing the diversity of his talent.
The 6 tracks reflect the atmosphere of the Baltic and the mystic sides of electronic music. Showing where his devotion lies, Dmitry experiments on the verge of techno, wave and industrial. On this mini album, he grasps our attention with minimalistic trance-like rhythms covered in fluctuating painful melodies, using wonderful analogue sounds and exotic instruments - in particular the electric violin played by Neela Netra on third track Ombre de mon Âme.

Releses on: Minimum Syndicat, Beläten, Cyber Dance, Killerrr, Dancefloor Killers, Bass Agenda Recordings, In The Dark Again, Electronic Emergencies, Body Control Records, New York Haunted, Bordello A Parigi, Mechatronica

Upcoming on: Vielspaß, Crimes Of The Future, Dark Leader, Kraftjerkz


Riccardo Michetti / resident dj Supernova

Eli Felici / Tardigrada (dj)

more info soon





Luogo e Indirizzo

Via della Lontra, 40
Grotta Rossa (Spazio Pubblico Autogestito)

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