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Da Giovedì 23 Aprile 2020 • Ore 08:00 a Domenica 26 Aprile 2020 • Ore 23:30

In April 2020 the BELLARIA FESTIVAL returns, and we will participate with great pleasure.
Come and meet Upadhi and take part in the three groups that will be held during the festival! Here they are:

Fri 24 Red Room 11:30 to 13:00
"The fire of life"

Sat 25 Green Room 10am to 11.15am
"Expanding the power of love"

Sun 26 Red Room 11: 30-13: 00
"Discovering the subtle energies: perception of the auric field"

[For more info on the groups, see below!]

If you have curiosity or need more information, contact us!
Contact the Festival organizers to find out how to buy your tickets.


Ad aprile 2020 torna il FESTIVAL DI BELLARIA, e noi di O.P.H. parteciperemo con grandissimo piacere.
Vieni a trovare Upadhi e partecipa ai tre gruppi che si terranno durante il festival! Ecco quali saranno:

Ven. 24 Sala Rossa 11:30 -13:00
“Il fuoco della vita”

Sab. 25 Sala Verde 10:00-11:15
“Espandere il potere dell’amore”

Dom. 26 Sala Rossa 11:30-13:00
“Alla scoperta delle energie sottili: percezione del campo aurico”

[Per maggiori info sui singoli gruppi, vedi più in basso!]

Se hai curiosità o ti servono ulteriori informazioni, contattaci!
Contatta gli organizzatori del Festival per scoprire come acquistare i tuoi ingressi.



Energy is the basis of everything, it is the source from which life originates.
Everything comes from the void. In our day science is demonstrating what the mystics told us already 5000 years ago, that is, that an atom particle is 99.999999% empty, energy.
Energy is the source of everything and is untouchable and invisible, to perceive it is necessary to put aside the known space of the mind, rational understanding, venturing into the unknown universe of sensations.
Generally you live life at a low energy level, mechanically.
To return to the fire of life, to the source in its pristine purity through this event, re-contact the hara.
The hara, like a dynamo of electricity supplies energy to all the chakras from the first to the seventh. Visually it can be imagined as a bottomless pit, connected to cosmic energy: allowing you to come into contact with this source and its "emptiness", brings space, silence and presence, which allow you, when you are in the center, to be in connection with the whole.
Here you feel in touch with an even bigger pool of energy, with the fire of life.


“The source is within. Force is violent. Force is interference, trespass on the freedom of others but ordinarly people do not make the distinctions between the 2 words they use them almost sinonimosly. Love is power but not force.” Osho

Love is a dimension that has nothing to do with success, ambition, money, power, prestige.
It is a vibrational quality that everyone can access.
It becomes more palpable and more accessible in meditation, because meditation is a path that gives an external attention helps you change focus and leads you to focus attention and energies within you.
When you have the ability to connect vital energy, its power to your interior, to meditation, then power is creative and brings poetry, music, dance into your life.
An "energy exploration and meditation aimed at giving you a taste of the power of love that is in each of us.


This event is dedicated to people who understand that our "being" is not confined to the physical body and that they are ready to use this awareness as a tool to live in harmony with the universe.
Something in the world is changing and people are increasingly open to understanding that they are more than the physical plane that can be seen and touched. We are energy in contact with other energy, which we continuously feel and perceive. Recognizing it can lead to an expansion of conscience, both with yourself and in your relationship life.
An experiment, together, to touch, feel, experience your and others' energy field.



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