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Francesco Farias live set Cervia

Da Venerdì 04 Maggio 2012 • Ore 23:00 a Sabato 05 Maggio 2012 • Ore 02:00

Giovedì 03 Maggio
live ore 23.00 "FRANCESCO FARIAS" (Jestofunk) live set
Opening act dj set ToffoloMuzik

Vi ricordiamo che l'Osteria e il Loco squad dall'8 marzo saranno aperti dal Giovedi' alla Domenica e nei giorni Festivi, dall'aperitivo al dopocena.
(La Domenica e i Festivi saremo aperti anche a Pranzo)

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Francesco Farias DJ producer
As an established DJ in the European House NuDisco Funk Clubs, Blade's first hit was with Jestofunk's "I’M GONNA LOVE YOU" (1991). A major innovation to the Electronic Dance scene, this track fused funk with House Music with subtlety and style. The first single was followed by “SAY IT AGAIN" (1993), which also featured in the first album “LOVE IN A BLACK DIMENSION”, which includes another great worldwide success, “CAN WE LIVE” (1994) - skillfully interpreted by CECE ROGERS. After the release of "LOVE IN A BLACK DIMENSION" in 1995, Jestofunk followed this with "UNIVERSAL MOTHER" in 1998, and the single; "SPECIAL LOVE” featuring JOCELYN BROWN was selected and remixed by “STEVE SILK HARLEY” to include on the star studded album “SEVENTY MILES FROM PHILADELPHIA” (2003). Other artists involved included CECE ROGERS, JOCELYN BROWN, FREDDY McGREGOR, CINDA RAMSEU, ROBERT LOPEZ, ERIC MARIENTHAL, FRED WESLEY and many more! Whilst maintaining a heavy worldwide tour schedule Jestofunk released a new double single titled “STELLAR FUNK” (1998) and in 1999 the CD “LIVE JESTOFUNK” hit the market. The last JESTOFUNK album to be released "THE ANTHOLOGY” (2006) was a compilation of JESTOFUNK’S greatest hits, along with major remixes including "HAPPY" BOB SINCLAIR rmx, "BIG LOVER" PLANET FUNK rmx, "MAMA BLUES" AT JAZZ rmx, "DISCO QUEEN" FULL INTENTION rmx, ”CAN WE LIVE” MURK BOYS and FARLEY & HELLER rmx, and "SPECIAL LOVE" JOEY NEGRO and JAZZ’N’GROOVE rmx.

* http://soundcloud.com/alien-trick
* http://www.myspace.com/francescofarias
* http://www.facebook.com/pages/JESTOFUNK



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Loco Squad