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Villa delle Rose | Roger Sanchez Misano Adriatico

Misano AdriaticoNightLife
Da Sabato 20 Agosto 2016 a Domenica 21 Agosto 2016

Villa delle Rose saturday August 20th
Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez is currently having one of the most creative and prolific periods in his career, with the continued success of his S-Man moniker, and the first releases under his own name for some time. His DJ shows have also gone into overdrive across all five continents, demonstrating a growing hunger for his characteristic take on house music. In the club he mixes up the likes of new stars Dusky and Huxley with the next level, underground gems he sources from labels and producers across the world, crafted with the kind of experience that only comes from two decades of DJing. The same fervent, crate-digging attitude he’ s always been known for can also be found on his radio show, where he champions new talent and obscure tracks he picks up on his travels, having first roadtested them in the booth




Villa delle Rose

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Misano Adriatico
Via Camilluccia 16
Villa delle Rose

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