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Stump Valley + Davem / Centro Climatico Marino / Modulo fest 2016 by MAGMA Cervia

Milano Marittima, CerviaNightLife
Da Venerdì 01 Luglio 2016 • Ore 20:00 a Sabato 02 Luglio 2016 • Ore 03:00

Venerdì 1 luglio nella splendida e suggestiva atmosfera dell'ex colonia CENTRO CLIMATICO MARINO di Milano Marittima, MAGMA all'interno del Modulo fest 2016 presenta:


fino alle 3:00


Centro Climatico Marino
Viale II Giugno, 67, 48015, Milano Marittima, Cervia RA


20:00 ➫ Apertura mostra "Bruma" a cura di Marco Samorè

22:00 ➫ DAVEM




Stump Valley
Pretty mysterious but that’s not the appeal. Super diverse stylistically, but that’s not it either! – indeed you’ll uncover little about Stump Valley using the well worn tool of the internet, but what you do after hearing all of their tracks on the dancefloor, is chilling out and listen to them again.”
Jordan Czamanski from Juju & Jordash

Raised from the ashes of an old project, Stump Valley is a funny old place in the countryside, where deers and boars run free in the street. That’s the place where the most of S.V. music was made.

“After years of djing and producing under different monikers, we decided to move our home studio and a big collection of vinyl to sample, to a place with no internet and no tv.
We lived there for 2 years producing music, we tried to make something out of time, old sounding but modernly conceived, trying not to copy any of the masters of the house, just went through our own conception. When we decided there was enough material, we just put it online and in a space of time we would have never expected, the most of the material was subscribed to labels. In every release we use to have remixes with the alias Mtrpls, which is our urban side that takes us back to the streets where we grew up.”
(From an interview for Rush Hour Store in Amsterdam)

So, who is Davem, and where is he from?

DAVEM is a form of light, a part of nature that projects its body and mind in the sky, flying in the clouds like a multifaceted and iridescence bird through the arts. He is a spark who uses the artistic exercise, to develop instinctive thinking in order to get closer to knowledge and awareness.

-DAVEM from DjBroadcast International interview-

Modulo fest 2016 MAIN EVENT MAGMA dal 24 giugno al 3 luglio


Evento in colaborazione con il Comune di Cervia





Luogo e Indirizzo

Milano Marittima ( Cervia )
Viale ii giugno, 67
Centro Climatico Marino

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