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Now here(the last show) why everyone left where i am Cervia

Pinarella, CerviaNightLife
Da Sabato 30 Aprile 2016 a Domenica 01 Maggio 2016

The "Last Show" e serata di addio dedicata ai Now Here, quintetto Power Pop Punk che vanta,nei suoi 5 anni di attivita',numerose gigs in tutto il territorio e prestigiosi lives in apertura a bands come gli A Day To Remember e The Story So Far!

Un Evento all'insegna del Punk Hardcore piu diretto e intriso di potenti sonorita' Metalcore/Core "New Generation"!

Dalle 22.00 Live:

Where I Am
Why Everyone Left

DJSet Rock,Punk,Alternative,Metal,Metalcore 360'... TUTTA LA NOTTE!

✆ Info 335.7578010

Now.Here it’s a five-piece band born at the beginning of 2012. In march they recorded a
7” Let’s Dive, self released and published in June. Their live debut happened during the
recording of their 7” when they supported during their italian tour, the famous californian
pop punk band MEST. After a few gigs, included the historic Vidia Club in Cesena. During
summer 2012 they opened the welsh band Save Your Breath in 2 of their italian show,
getting an enthusiastic response from the audience of the peninsula. On 18 December has
been released through This Is Core Label their first official EP “This is who we are”, which
is anticipated from the video of the first single “My Wonderland”. In march 2013 they started their first italian tour, playing with bands like Broadway Calls and Gnarwolves. In October 2013 they shared the stage with The Story So Far and seahaven in Milan on an almost sold out show. In 2014 the band started writing new material and played a show with Me vs. Hero in february and with A Day To Remember in august. In 2015 the band recorded a brand new EP “New Perspective” to be released on 7th July. In august they're opening for The Story So Far in Milan.

Why Everyone Left is a five-piece pop-punk band based in Modena, Italy, formed in 2013. The band mixes the catchy melodies and the melodic sound of pop-punk with a hardcore/metalcore background.

The band officially formed in november of 2013, with the aim to get known by many people as possible with their music.
Later that month, W.E.L. released their first single/music video "It's Not Me, That's Hopeless"
On January the 7th, the band officially released their debut DIY EP "Stake Everything", which is free download on their Bandcamp page. The EP gained a very positive response in Italy, it was a full success all over the country.it confirmed W.E.L. as one of the most striking bands in the Italian pop-punk scene.
In 2014, Why Everyone Left toured all over Italy to promote their EP, and had the chance to play with bands like Zebrahead, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Bury Tomorrow, As It Is and many more.

In september 2014 they released a cover, "Accidentally In Love" by Counting Crows wich allowes them to reach new fans in the rest of Europe.
They're playing anywhere they can to get known by many people as possible.
The band is endorsed by ApStuff clothing and Mucri clothing.
In june 2015 they released a new single "Pack Your Sh*t",
wich anticipates the new EP, coming the next fall.

RockPlanet Pinarella
E' uno dei locali storici per il live in Italia. Di qui passano le band di livello nazionale e internazionale e offre un ampio ventaglio di scelta musicale dal vivo, dal rock al metal, passando per l'indie fino all'afro,goa ed elettronica! Alterna a live, le serate con musica con dj's, decisamente non commerciali.
Disposto su tre grandi sale invernali e due giardini estivi, il Rock Planet si caratterizza per il gran numero di concerti live ospitati. Tantissimi gruppi e cantanti di fama internazionale si sono esibiti sul palco del locale cervese, richiamando migliaia di appassionati.
Con i suoi concerti rock, metal, ska e punk e le serate afro e goa, il Rock Planet di Pinarella è il locale più alternativo di Cervia.


Autostrada A14 Bologna-Ancona.
Uscita Cesena (no Cesena Nord). Una volta usciti dal casello girare a destra ed immettersi in via Cervese, proseguire quindi verso la S.S.16 direzione Cervia (direzione mare).
Arrivati al semaforo girare a sinistra verso Ravenna (Ora siete sulla S.S.16). Poi a circa 200 metri la prima a destra, dopo il passaggio a livello ancora a destra ed andare verso il mare.


Prendere il treno per '' Cervia Milano Marittima ''. Il locale dista, dalla stazione, circa 1,5 km.

0544 973737

✆ Info 335.7578010-3357578007




Rock planet club

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Pinarella ( Cervia )
Via tritone, 77
Rock planet club

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