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RavennaConcertiSabato 17 Settembre 2016 • Ore 21:30

Debut album from L.A. Salami AKA Papa Stokely AKA The New Wave Slave ‘Dancing With Bad Grammar’ has been released on August 26th.

Having only picked up the guitar a few years ago after being given one for his 21st birthday L.A. Salami recorded the album in one week at Urchin Studios in Hackney, London (“I wanted to get it live I’m not interested in the tracking thing”).

Working with engineer Dan Cox and producer Matt Ingram, who he was introduced to by old friend and touring partner Lianne Le Havas, L.A. has produced an album of 11 eclectic and exquisite tracks.

The first taste taken from the album is the single ‘The City Nowadays’ an energetic tumble of ideas and influences, mixing beat poetry, chain-gang blues, hip-hop and pithy one-liners. As L.A. explains, “I call my music postmodern blues. I’ve always loved the blues, and I think of this album as my version of blues songs. ‘The City Nowadays’ is like that.”

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