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2000 is back friday party Forlì

Da Venerdì 18 Novembre 2016 • Ore 20:00 a Sabato 19 Novembre 2016 • Ore 05:00

Do you ever feel nostalgic?
Do you ever wish you could go back to when you were younger?
Let's re-live the past... just for one night ;)

2000 is back!
It's a big party that will take place in Forlì.

10€ : entrance + 2 drinks + 1 shot

9,50 € both ways by Train :
Departure 21h57
Return 04h47

We take the last train to go there (at 21.57) and come back with the first one (at 4.47).

If you wanna have any more news, just asks Arianna Mazzotta

Who's in? You can't miss it

Link to the main event:

Event organised by https://www.facebook.com/The-HEdonist-COllege-Fest-1787729901497513/

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Erasmus Student Network Rimini

Luogo e Indirizzo

Via dei filergiti 27
The hedonist college fest

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